Sunday, 2 November 2008

A couple of ReTreat demo items

Well now the craft retreat is over phhheeewwwwwww

I have been soooo busy up dating the website, sorting other bits out that need doing, making a list of certain items that a certain crafter took without permission which seems to happen a lott!!! and oh yeah still working and getting on with other stuff that needs doing that just doesn't get done!!!. Well finally late i know i thought that i would post a couple of images of some of the silver pendants that i made as demo items.

All of the pendants that people made were totally different, out of both groups no one made the same thing which was great, everyone said they thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.

The biggest surprize for all of the people attending was when after we had all made our items and they were dried and then i got to play with "fire" and I fired all the pieces, but still they just looked like bits of clay - but in lovely shapes - well to finally take the wire brush to the items and then give them a good scrub and finally see that in fact they were totally solid silver - we had ooohhhhsss and arrrrggghhhhs in unison which did sounds very funny.

It does still amaze me every time i do it, it is just darn clever. Well here is a small collection of the items that i made. The long oval pendant in fact i put into the draw as we held a raffle to help raise much needed funds for The Animal Health Trust where our retreat was held, we are very grateful to people to buy the tickets, i put in the pendant, Debbie put in a silk paints picture, and we have two wax pictures, two books of poems and of course the bottle of wine that is compulsory.

The piece that i like the most is the round inards of a watch - i made the mould myself and it really does look so effective in the flesh - in fact i liked it soooo much i just by chance had to make two - one for me and one for someone else!!!! it really doesnt photograph well as its silver - and of course nothing to do with me being pants at photography

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sparkles simple stuff said...

Oh my Goodness the leaf is just fabby, as are the others.I would love to have a go at this, but looks too clever for me lol