Monday, 25 May 2009

So where the Gordon Blimey Bennett have you been...................

some WIP stuff that I thought I had better get round to finishing as I now have the perfect wall to place it.

I had managed to force myself an age ago!!!!! to buy a load of canvases, and had started here and there, well finally four of them are now finished.

The main picture with all four canvases does look rather odd in the photo, but honest the do look pretty cool all together... well i think so and that's the only person who's meant to be happy I suppose. I have used all sorts, clay, lots of paints, grunge board, beads, glass, stampes, UTEE, metal, you
name it, its on there somewhere. Its all very 3d and taxtile which was the main aim. So I am happy now they are hung so onto the next project to be finished.....

Well I have a couple of be honest LOADS of things started that need finishing, but I will plough through them when the inspiration takes me, but dont seem to get any of that at the moment

To start with I this totally awesome wooden plate that I purchased at a knock down price from a craft fair. The chap selling it said he couldn't sell it as no on wanted it as it had too many cracks in it.....not for me. I LOVE natural woods, so had this idea in my head of what I wanted to do with it. I plan on it being like a wood setting with the little people around and about. I have started with my premo clay. I plan on adding some natural materials using Paverpol and bits and piece's, but have not yet found the right bits, so I have decided to hang it in any case so it get's used to being hung LOL, also will make me make certain I finish it.

The next thing that needs finishing is a huge wooden wait and see... mind you I'm probably rambling on to myself, so it will only be me seeing how that turns out hey ho.