Saturday, 14 April 2012

Still making stuff

I'm still around, thanks so much for all the emails and yep alive and kicking - just never got enough time in the week to makeand blog and enjoy life to the full. Hope everyone out in blog land is well and I will be catching up on some blogs that I havent visited in an eons. my piccies show some silver hearts that i have been making and selling, also a beaded braclet which takes for ever but very relaxing - brides seem to like them....helps me use my stash up which is good ;0) xxx

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

I havent vanished honest...just too busy creating!!....

…here are just a couple of things that I have made lately, I have just been too busy to take photos and upload, I have spent much more time looking around at all the great blogg’s, but it is time I popped something on my own blogg. This beaded bracelet I have made using Tibetan silver beads and some black seed beads, funny enough have worn it every day since i made it as I do love it.

The necklace is made using some good old watch parts - all still working so it looks really cool when you wind it up and let it go. I have also added some metal embellishments, a great silver glass leaf round pendant and I decided to make a silver bugle bead chain to hang it from. Rather than use jump rings I wanted to have a bit of an earthy look by attaching the two together with copper wire... great to wear and I have been astonished by the comments of people when they see it..... I will be back soon I promise as I have made a shed load of stuff to show and that is for sale as well!!.....

Monday, 29 March 2010

a couple of necklaces

Ok so I have been playing with some pure silver, beads, glass, some of the silk "paper" that I have made, some shell, tibetan silver bits, also some s.silver, add it all together and this is what I have come up with.... i tried various different "chains" as i did feel it lead itself to being able to be "hung" differently and it really does make a difference I think to the finished look and when and where you would wear it

Sunday, 21 March 2010

some silver

this is a ring!!! i know very obvious - made for my thumb - basic ring with texture stamped into it, made from sterling silver not art clay. scrolls also made from silver then soldered on, and off course aged with liver of sulpher!!
    a small silver vessel
I brought some Edwardian Silver spoons, sawed the handles off - to use to make rings at a later date, and the spoon part I have made into a pendant. I "reticulated" the surface to give texture, also over heated in one small part to make a hole and then filled with some natural pearls and a silver small heart and black crystal

got my clay out

Just been to see the new Alice in Wonderland film and boy was it an inspiration, so I just had to get the clay and stamps out. Attached a mirror to some hardboard and then decorated with the caly tiles I made, and grouted and rubbed and buffed, not the greatest photograph but I am pleased with the effect. But once the clay was out I couldnt resist making another mirror with the clays and my stamps. Now just need to work out where to hang it as I have sold one of them!!!

If i get time i will pop the photos of some of the "Alice" jewellery I made as well.

Sunday, 28 February 2010

It's been a while but.....

I have been busy busy busy, so much to do so little time to do it in. I have been learning some new stuff, and have really got into the silk making and incorperating it into my jewellery. Just a quick glimpse for you in some of the following photographs of some cuffs that I have been making.

Well its called silk paper, but its creating a material really, and wow I can see this going into all sorts of directions its really addictive to make. I have also been making felt in all sorts of colours and have used this as the base for the cuffs, and again made in all sorts of colours. I have stitched all the layers together and then added other textures of material - ribbons and "stuff" then added fresh water pearls which I seem to have in abundance, and which i prefer as they provide anything but a uniform shape. i have used some uniform "round" pearls as well. Also added lots of silver items some brought and some made, also glass and various crystals. all in all u think they look quite effective....well I like them anyway. I plan on doing lots more with the silks and wool, making lots more paper/material to incorporate into my crafts as you can add all sorts into the process such as metals, natural items such a leaves, threads etc the options are endless. I have also been making some pure silver buttons so i plan on using them as the clasps and of course I may blog it all soon...when I get time to get sorted with some photos.                                                  

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


and so to 2010 and what it will bring. I am sure more learning and creativity which is always good. As for 2009 which I am so pleased is now been and gone I have learnt to listen more to my inner self as sadly the people who are “a wolf in sheep clothing” can be dishonest and sadly spiteful, but hey its people like that as they say “what goes around comes around”. And so in 2010 I am going to spend more time with real friends not the fair weather ones that pass by and take what they want and not contribute anything.
In 2010 I intend on drawing up a grand master plan, prepare the ground work, have a backup plan and be ready to deal with the problems as they arise, which I am sure some will come along, failing all that just have some fun and create lots.
Life is for living, loving, learning and sharing with the ones that matter, so hopefully I will at least get some of that done, and oh yeah take my nephews to see Mickey in Orlando…well its me that wants to go really ;0)… good luck to all in 2010 and have some fun it can’t all be work work work.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Forgot...something totally different

something requested as a commision for an xmas gift, took hours and lots of swearing I'm afraid as it's was a nightmare to make...please remind myself not to make one of these ever again - mixed blue and some silver bugle beads, silver seed beads and black crystals

Playing with my silver clay

Just some bits I have made for myself. I needed an excuse to play with my silver clay for some practice, as I have 4 workshops booked in the coming weeks and also I wanted to try some new techniques. The square pendant has no centre, the items were added between the back and front panel/layer, which took an age to make with lots of breakages!!! along the way. My greatest friend who is an utterly awesome salsa dancer inspired the lady to the left, it was also a move on from a previous “lady” I had made, just thought I would take this one stage further. It doesn’t photograph very well, but it does look pretty cool in the flesh, her dress does have a lot of texture and movement

Need to practice lots more, so may be back with some more bits later!!!!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

commissioned xmas gifts

This is a sterling silver piece that I have been commissioned to make for an xmas gifts. The stone is a moon stone, set in a silver bezel. I based it on evening fairies dancing around the moon. The pendant has been reticulated and small silver balls made and soldered on. The mesh is also sterling silver. The fairy is also silver, but I have "aged" her to give the piece depth

Saturday, 5 September 2009

garden goddess bracelet

made for a recent competition - silver bracelet using my art clay, made the individual parts, the built up onto a scrolled background of silver, it is very heavy, used around 45g of silver. The chain is made with black leather thongs, which is sturdy and comfortable. my design has copyright so please respect this!!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

great to spend time with wondeful friends

great night out in the heart of Italy

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

have been playing with my silver

I have been playing with some silver, I have a zillion things I need to complete, but I got this idea in my head for the silver so I had to do it.
I wanted a very 3D effect so i made a cork clay form, and then partly surrounded it with the silver clay, filled the area in the middle with syringed silver, then fired it, after cleaning up and doing all the usual things you have to do to prep it. I then used 3 silver dragon flys and placed them in the middle of the charm and then filled the charm with a resin. The finished item is pretty heavy, but effective....well I like it and i have another zillion ideas to expand on this one

The pendant here is based on Arab Egyptian type houses, cant think of the name...the ones built into the sand/rocks you know which ones I mean - anyway I like the finished item

And then I had wanted to experiment with some of my paper silverclay - well that didn't go too well, it didn't do what I wanted it to do, so rather than waste it as it is rather expensive. I ended up just folding it and layering it onto some silver I had used a texture sheet on, not very exciting i know but at least i didnt waste the silver. I need to have a long think about the paper silver stuff.

And lastly a wee photo of the lid of the jewellery box that i altered with clay and stuff's!!!

Monday, 25 May 2009

So where the Gordon Blimey Bennett have you been...................

some WIP stuff that I thought I had better get round to finishing as I now have the perfect wall to place it.

I had managed to force myself an age ago!!!!! to buy a load of canvases, and had started here and there, well finally four of them are now finished.

The main picture with all four canvases does look rather odd in the photo, but honest the do look pretty cool all together... well i think so and that's the only person who's meant to be happy I suppose. I have used all sorts, clay, lots of paints, grunge board, beads, glass, stampes, UTEE, metal, you
name it, its on there somewhere. Its all very 3d and taxtile which was the main aim. So I am happy now they are hung so onto the next project to be finished.....

Well I have a couple of be honest LOADS of things started that need finishing, but I will plough through them when the inspiration takes me, but dont seem to get any of that at the moment

To start with I this totally awesome wooden plate that I purchased at a knock down price from a craft fair. The chap selling it said he couldn't sell it as no on wanted it as it had too many cracks in it.....not for me. I LOVE natural woods, so had this idea in my head of what I wanted to do with it. I plan on it being like a wood setting with the little people around and about. I have started with my premo clay. I plan on adding some natural materials using Paverpol and bits and piece's, but have not yet found the right bits, so I have decided to hang it in any case so it get's used to being hung LOL, also will make me make certain I finish it.

The next thing that needs finishing is a huge wooden wait and see... mind you I'm probably rambling on to myself, so it will only be me seeing how that turns out hey ho.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Ok as promised, but my bro is gona kill me.....

My photography is getting worse by the day, I can take photos of anything other than stuff that I need to do and is important. I should be soooooooooo ashamed as by brother is one awesome professional photographer - so will kill me to see the crap photo's I am taking, even with the help of a thousand clicks from photoshop nothing is saving me at the moment hey ho!!!!!!

Right as promised the necklace that I have redone - well the chain really. I made the silver heart a couple of weeks back using my Art clay, cork clay and kiln. I then put this onto a choker cable necklace, wore it for a couple of days and really did not like it. So decided that I needed to change the chain, and this is what i came up with.

I threaded 3 chains, two with silver beads, and one with silver and glass no 15's and then weaved them through the beads, and have to say I really like it now so that's the main thing. Interestingly two people I didn't know today commented on my necklace saying it was really unusual and one was a bloke who reckons his girlfriend would love it, so that's cool.

Way back in my ramblings I posted the Paverpol project that I started - the tin foil man. Well he has a name now - David and he has progressed, and I suppose he is Angel David as he has grown wings - sadly the photos really are totally crap and it really really does look better in the flesh as they say.

I have covered him with materials soaked in the Paverpol, sadly what I found out was that the "Bronze" Paverpol doesnt go Bronze unless it is on black material, but hey you live and learn. The wings were made from a bit of a Eureka moment. Anyways I hope you like him so far. I think he still needs a bit of tweaking but will get there. This has given me other ideas of what I want to do next with some canvases so as they say watch this space.... or not ;0).

Sunday, 22 March 2009

A bit of tat and some more silver

Well I finally finished/ish the altered tin challenge, I say "ish" because I am really not happy with the lid of the tin, so I need to do some work on it,
I have lots of stuff going on at the mo and a zillion things I need to get sorted , so I think the lid may have to wait in a que to get finished - maybe by then I would have a clue as to what I can do
Well my silversmithing class seems to be going great guns and I am really pleased with what I have made so far. My latest project is an unusual shaped pendant that I faniced making. I thought you may - or may not ;0) - like to see some WIP piccys.
I took my sheet of silver, cut - and trust me by hand its ruddy hard work - out four sqaures that were 3by3, and then made even more work for myself as I then cut the centre out of each one - again ruddy hard work mmmmm I am sure it would have been less painful on my hands if I had popped to the local jewellers haha.
Anyways I then annealed and bent - ooppps sorry carefully shaped - three of the sqaures to bend up in an uniform manner - well sort of, slightly organically shaped on the middle one ;0)
Then I soldered all four together, but allowing a gap at the top for my chain to go through - how I did this is top secret!!!!!!! worked it out all on my own and it works really well so well chuffed.
Next I made a bezel for my moon stone to then set this in at the stop - hey presto done - have one more class before the Easter break and then I am going to have to think of what I want to do next. I want to be able to do hinges and rivets in silver so need to come up with something that uses that so I can learn how to do them properly.