Sunday, 22 March 2009

A bit of tat and some more silver

Well I finally finished/ish the altered tin challenge, I say "ish" because I am really not happy with the lid of the tin, so I need to do some work on it,
I have lots of stuff going on at the mo and a zillion things I need to get sorted , so I think the lid may have to wait in a que to get finished - maybe by then I would have a clue as to what I can do
Well my silversmithing class seems to be going great guns and I am really pleased with what I have made so far. My latest project is an unusual shaped pendant that I faniced making. I thought you may - or may not ;0) - like to see some WIP piccys.
I took my sheet of silver, cut - and trust me by hand its ruddy hard work - out four sqaures that were 3by3, and then made even more work for myself as I then cut the centre out of each one - again ruddy hard work mmmmm I am sure it would have been less painful on my hands if I had popped to the local jewellers haha.
Anyways I then annealed and bent - ooppps sorry carefully shaped - three of the sqaures to bend up in an uniform manner - well sort of, slightly organically shaped on the middle one ;0)
Then I soldered all four together, but allowing a gap at the top for my chain to go through - how I did this is top secret!!!!!!! worked it out all on my own and it works really well so well chuffed.
Next I made a bezel for my moon stone to then set this in at the stop - hey presto done - have one more class before the Easter break and then I am going to have to think of what I want to do next. I want to be able to do hinges and rivets in silver so need to come up with something that uses that so I can learn how to do them properly.