Friday, 21 March 2008

and another one....

- made a brooch as a wee thankyou
for someone and its now winging its
way there - messing around with some
clear resin, used some watch parts,
key and padlock and other bits
added some metal wings and
brooch pin to the back. Just hope they
like it, if they don't they can always try
and flogg it on ebay LOL.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

gift for the nephew

I had wanted to make my Skiing mad nephew something different for his birthday so decided on a clock. I started of with a cardboard square thingie!!! i got from the Range - its a bit like a picture frame.
Next I totally covered it in some wonderful striped fabric I purchased the other week from the Excel show (which I must add was a total waste of time really - except for the fabric), anyways - I covered the whole thing back included with the cloth, and then gave the whole thing a final good coating of the well tried and trusted craft PVA. This was to give it a good base to stick my items to it, but also make it sort of waterproof, 13yr old boys and most items need to be made waterproof. The next job was to decide which way i wanted to hang the clock and also to find the centre for the clock movement.

As you can see I decided to hang it not square but at 45 degree angle, which i think works well??. Well anyways i found all sorts of odds and ends to add to the clock to make it a one off one of a kind, made the '12 O'clock' and '6 O'clock' items from fimo clay, and again gave a good coating of PVA , I don't know where I brought the boot from??? but i think it works well.

And yes the '3 O'clock' and the '9 O'clock' are meant to be back to front and spelt incorrectly and it just adds to the clock I think. I made his name in wooden letters and decorated, and added the lizard - which had to be moved three times as the clock arms kept catching it DOH!!!. After I added the collage items I again gave it a good coating of PVA. I think it works quiet well in the end, but i suppose the most important things is 'does the nephew like it', well I will find out next week. - click on the image to see a close up

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

The Tailors Dummie cont....

ok so just in case anyones interested in how far i have got - very very slowly at the mo...............

i have covered the entire thing in images - just adore the zetti thing so have used lots of those images - and given it a good coating of PVA glue - and yes before you ask Mrs Naughty Nicks of Norfolk the craft PVA glue and not my industrial one!!!! From the start I had this idea of it having a metal dress type thingie over - well to give it a rustic look but to be able to see the body but also to see metal... havent a scooby doo why or where I got that idea from. So anyway i have some metal mesh that I have now covered her with and secured around the neck and bottom, as i want to hang 'made' items to. The bottom of the metal mesh i have pulled about to make it look rough as it should look better in the end, rather than a smooth finish, will roughen the top as well. Have already started to make items to hang, but slow going with one arm at the mo.

Monday, 17 March 2008

Needed to make some gifts so.............

I thought I would make some broochs, all different - made a total of 16 - the other 8 were totally different - they were sqaure based, but muppet me didnt take a photo before i packed and sent them DOH!!!!! - but i thought they looked alright