Friday, 18 April 2008


So the nicks is hosting a swap where we can not use the standard

materials for our ATC background and also we have to have an 'altered item' as the main focus. So seeings as i am into the soldering anything that doesnt move at the moment

I just so happened to have some metal and solder, and by chance a can of Red bull, some watch parts, clay and some glass and managed to come up with these three cards. One the hostess WILL have to keep as host 'gift' - but some how i think she may palm it off onto some other unsuspecting soul. And the other two she will find some poor soul to send them to and they will have to pretend to like them, hey ho i like them and i've done my bit for recycling I suppose LOL
The top card is honestly the correct size, the 'Red Bull' crown flips down, the face has been stamped onto a clear acrylic sheet and then soldered onto embossed and aged metal.

Thursday, 17 April 2008


I dug out some solder - had a new soldering iron brought for me for Easter (and a chocolate egg of course!!) and had a lesson from someone who's been soldering for over 20yrs. He gave me some awesome hints and tips and I had great fun, and can see all sorts of directions this is going to take me.

The two little girls in the photo are my OH great nieces who are totally adorable and sweet, and I have made this for their mum for her birthday. The charm is double sided and has a photo on the back as well and is about 2" by 2".

All of them have silver 'jump rings' to hang them by.
Also had a play around with a Domino, and was pleasently surprized when it didnt melt under such heat. i can see all sorts of things that really do need some soldering on now!!!!

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

MatchBox Swap

Ok so I got to swap with Mobunny for which i was very pleased as she makes some great stuff and she really did not dissapoint this time either as Ireally liked the one she made for me. And heres the effort that I came up with - and in fact Iwas keen for

her not to like it, as I really would have been keen to have kept it for myself, sadly she said she liked it and walked off into the sunset with it ;0). So thanks mobunny for the swap.
I used some copper sheet and my new ten second studio 'numbers' texture plate to create this, aged the metal using acrylic paints. Made a clay head for the inside of the box.