Saturday, 3 January 2009

Just to show the last of..................

....the bits and bobs that I have been making while i have been off work. I now need to go out more often to wear all of the pieces that I have made, mind you saying that I have made a lot for presents and so I don't feel quite so guilty!!!!.

OK so I have been playing with the "paper" version of the ArClay, with some good and some really not so good, and some totally pants results. I have 1 1/2 sheets left and they really are not cheap, and also very small. They are only 7.5cm by 7.5cm so not a lot to play with, and not a lot before you make a mess of it!!!. I have just found a great way to roll the clay even thinner. I've never come across this idea in any of the books i have read or things i have read on the tinternet, it was from a happy accident, as most great eureka moments are, so I am pleased about that.
So this batch of jewellery has been created with lots of stamps, one mould slightly adapted, lots of badger balm and of course my new kiln. Which was great - and now I understand how to do a basic "fire" I'm away, and no stopping me.

The patchwork one to the left - I am really pleased with as I covered a twig with silver paste and then dried it, then built the hanging around it, so when I fired the piece the twig burnt away leaving a hollow twig/tube to thread the necklace through. Also the paper clay hanging with the tree, it looks really nice on, i need to work on this idea more as i want to take it in a different direction, and I have lots of ideas.

Well sadly I am having to go back to work on Monday that two week break seemed to go ohhh to quickly, maybe if I had managed to get out of bed earlier in the morning I may have had more time.
Well here's to a great new year and new idea's and new projects and a new diet boo!!!

Thursday, 1 January 2009

I love time off work.....

I can actually get some of my projects finished when I take time of work, the rest of the time I seem to be either working or chasing myself to get "Jane" jobs done, or doing other stuff other than things that I adore doing ie creating Tat!!!!. So I am really pleased with the finished front of my wall hanging box.

I brought this box from the wonderful peeps at Capture The Magic store, and i thought it was a real find and great price, i only went in for some lovely paper. If your out this way you have just got to go visit their store, i know they are as good with on line supplies, but its so much nicer to go touch and see things before you buy them, but be warned each visits cost's a fortune as you come out with more than you had gone in for haha but well worth the effort and money spent.

Anyways here's a wee look using video and a photo, the video shows it slightly better than photos. Hope you like it I know I do, not sure if anyone else in the house does!!!! but its on the wall in the dinning room so you can't miss it oooppss!!. I do like the idea of getting other people to make the bits that go inside each box in exchange for a bit of my tat.....just need to find some friends to swap with!!!!!!.
Ok i must now get back to playing with my new kiln and sorting some photo's out to show you what I have managed to do, And before I play any more I just off for a trip down to the gym for a new year swim and run to try and burn off just some of this birthday cake, Christmas cake, mince pies, sweets.......need i say more!!!! Happy New Year hxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 29 December 2008

Now finished

so i have had a rethink about the middle of this wall hanging - I have finally finished this plaque and very pleased I am too.
Maybe after all the stress i will have to sell it!!!! who knows whats going to happen to this........
ok so starting bid......................... I pay you £3.20 to take it away

Sunday, 28 December 2008

I think it's finished

Ok so i started this a couple of weeks ago, and christmas present making and other bits and piece's got in the way, but i finally managed to spend the day finishing it - or is it??????, the trouble is i think the middle is lacking something. I have taken it to bits about ten times, i have also used some material that i had this idea of drapping it around the head and crown, but it just was not working. The fairy at the botton looks pants but looks much better in real life - my photography is really pants, also what doesnt really show up is the paper/image in the middle behind the metal mesh.... oh well will think on, may add to it may not i'll see what happens... anyways lots of stamped images into premo clay and lots of tat added, used my fabby zetti stamps

Now i am moving onto my next wee little project for my Tat wall gallery!!! - its a wooden box quite large its 16"by16", and boy am i going to have fun doing this and filling it with tat. I have made a start on the doors already the other week, and so have only about half to finish which I hope to do in the next coule of days. I think this will be an ongoing WIP to fill each section inside - maybe i could get peeps to do a swap with me and I will put there tat in each section!!!!!!!!mmm need a plan