Sunday, 5 October 2008

Just Love Dem Bones and Day of The Dead Stuff!!!!

OK so I won't admit to which shop I somehow seemed to find myself in, but basically its not one that I would admit to shopping in... and nope its not poundland.
Anyways I seemed to have purchased some great wooden boxes that I want to alter. Well today is the first chance I have had to play around. So box no.1 is with a box that I would only describe as a collectors box - its got a tray inside with lost of compartments for bits and bobs. So I have decorated the top - I have a thing with dark and dead!!!! it may be my job but who knows.
I have used premo clays, moulds and stamps, some diamond glaze and glass beads, also i found myself buying about 30 oh yes 30 skeletons which are totally awesome, going to make some moulds with one of them, and well a thousand other projects with them. This time i seemed to find myself cutting up sid the skeleton to fit into this project, as I wanted body parts here and there!!! I have also recently brought a Day of The Dead chocolate mould, and found myself having to share these great moulds with a certain norfolk crafter!!!!!!!!!! the skeleton on the right is one of the moulds made with makins clay. I have just started to use Premo clay and I have not yet made my mind up as to if I like it, takes some work to condition but it does hold a stamped image well.
Next I plan on filling the inside with all sorts of awesome finds and makes so will have to update once i have done this. I think this will be an ongoing project as there are sooo many compartments, and I really don't have much time at the moment. maybe after the 26th, but then again i must start to make the Chr...... cards!!!