Sunday, 21 March 2010

some silver

this is a ring!!! i know very obvious - made for my thumb - basic ring with texture stamped into it, made from sterling silver not art clay. scrolls also made from silver then soldered on, and off course aged with liver of sulpher!!
    a small silver vessel
I brought some Edwardian Silver spoons, sawed the handles off - to use to make rings at a later date, and the spoon part I have made into a pendant. I "reticulated" the surface to give texture, also over heated in one small part to make a hole and then filled with some natural pearls and a silver small heart and black crystal

got my clay out

Just been to see the new Alice in Wonderland film and boy was it an inspiration, so I just had to get the clay and stamps out. Attached a mirror to some hardboard and then decorated with the caly tiles I made, and grouted and rubbed and buffed, not the greatest photograph but I am pleased with the effect. But once the clay was out I couldnt resist making another mirror with the clays and my stamps. Now just need to work out where to hang it as I have sold one of them!!!

If i get time i will pop the photos of some of the "Alice" jewellery I made as well.