Monday, 14 July 2008

Second Metal Project

Well we all got so engrossed in making the first project below that we didnt get time to move to the second, so Linda - LBcrafts - showed us the second project and we were packed off home with the items to make it.
And so this is my attempt. It really is very theraputic working with metal and also i find it very satisfying. Here are the before and after piccys - I am told these wooden frames were from Ikea, now there from "Heidi's stash"

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Metal Work

I have just had the most fabby weekend playing with metal with the wonderful Linda from LB crafts - great workshop, i learnt soooo much, and managed to spend soooo much money as well oooppps not sure how that happened, but worth every penny. We made a wall hanging, with 9 sqaures covered in various metals using various techniques and all very different.
I have now mounted it on a wood sheet that I have distressed to death and will hang it somewhere. In fact we did so much that we didnt get time to start the second project, so I will upload that once I have finished this also.
Thanks Linda your a real inspiration, and I met a great group of ladies, and I promise Linda not too darken you door again toooo soon ;0)
Right I'm off now to do the other project

Birthday's gift

Ok so one has to make the effort I suppose!!!! - and I wont hold it against nicks that she decided in fact that the necklace I had made was in fact not to her taste so happened to "steal" another one more to her taste so has ended up with two mmmm - and the other bit of tat that I made her was the artist manquin dummie - the title of the piece was "The Queen of Clock Idea's" which I thought was pretty apt, just a shame that I produced such tat to make the point LOL.

Sorry about the picture qaulity as it wasnt taken by me -