Wednesday, 10 June 2009

have been playing with my silver

I have been playing with some silver, I have a zillion things I need to complete, but I got this idea in my head for the silver so I had to do it.
I wanted a very 3D effect so i made a cork clay form, and then partly surrounded it with the silver clay, filled the area in the middle with syringed silver, then fired it, after cleaning up and doing all the usual things you have to do to prep it. I then used 3 silver dragon flys and placed them in the middle of the charm and then filled the charm with a resin. The finished item is pretty heavy, but effective....well I like it and i have another zillion ideas to expand on this one

The pendant here is based on Arab Egyptian type houses, cant think of the name...the ones built into the sand/rocks you know which ones I mean - anyway I like the finished item

And then I had wanted to experiment with some of my paper silverclay - well that didn't go too well, it didn't do what I wanted it to do, so rather than waste it as it is rather expensive. I ended up just folding it and layering it onto some silver I had used a texture sheet on, not very exciting i know but at least i didnt waste the silver. I need to have a long think about the paper silver stuff.

And lastly a wee photo of the lid of the jewellery box that i altered with clay and stuff's!!!