Sunday, 28 February 2010

It's been a while but.....

I have been busy busy busy, so much to do so little time to do it in. I have been learning some new stuff, and have really got into the silk making and incorperating it into my jewellery. Just a quick glimpse for you in some of the following photographs of some cuffs that I have been making.

Well its called silk paper, but its creating a material really, and wow I can see this going into all sorts of directions its really addictive to make. I have also been making felt in all sorts of colours and have used this as the base for the cuffs, and again made in all sorts of colours. I have stitched all the layers together and then added other textures of material - ribbons and "stuff" then added fresh water pearls which I seem to have in abundance, and which i prefer as they provide anything but a uniform shape. i have used some uniform "round" pearls as well. Also added lots of silver items some brought and some made, also glass and various crystals. all in all u think they look quite effective....well I like them anyway. I plan on doing lots more with the silks and wool, making lots more paper/material to incorporate into my crafts as you can add all sorts into the process such as metals, natural items such a leaves, threads etc the options are endless. I have also been making some pure silver buttons so i plan on using them as the clasps and of course I may blog it all soon...when I get time to get sorted with some photos.