Friday, 1 February 2008

So Whats The Next Dust Collector

Ok so I seem to make things and they then go to nice new homes so I want to do something for me to keep. So here are my next two projects which I plan on keeping and they will become dust collectors as someone in this house calls them ;0). So here they are in their raw state. I think the tailors dummie will take me a couple of months to finish, as I have some rather crazy ideas as to what I want to do with it, so I need something small to also work on - hence the glass jar, that should only take a couple of weeks. So maybe you will come back and see if firstly I manage to finish them both and of course if they are any good!!!! And if anyone else decides that they want to do the same type of thing well maybe we will have to have a vote!!!

Masquerade Ball

Ok so a girl doesent have an invite to a masquerade ball but her Oh does so what's she to do - make his own mask. I took a papermache mask, covered it in black acrylic paint, then attacked it with my trusty heat gun until it bubbled and became distressed/dry. Then rubbed over with first bronze metallic run on, then gold over that. added black feathers and some threads. i like the effect