Monday, 11 February 2008

Inpsiration has gone

HELP I have crafters total block, have a room crammed full of 'arty crap' as I call it but can I make anything can I scooby!!!! I have a number of outstanding ATC's for swaps to make, birthday cards, and that old chestnut Valentines card but can I think of anything, NOPE and everything I look at just looks well useless sooo I’m going to give it all away

OK so I lied....... you have got to be joking that would be like cutting my legs off phew mad moment, so lets hope I get some inspiration soon as otherwise I will miss some deadlines. One thing I can do is share a great tip - if working with alcohol inks or clay give your hands a good rub with Badger Balm(can purchase from any good chemist) and that way your hands are sooo much easier to clean.

PS random photo of my windscreen this morning great ice pattern!!