Sunday, 1 February 2009

What have I been up to....

Well sadly work seems to have got in the way, which means I have not been around much at all, and also not managed to play with my stash. But I have managed to squeeze in some silver work and a couple of necklaces that i have done as gifts.

They consisted of some crystals and hours of beading, and of course also playing with some silver clay to make the hanging round pendant necklace to the left.
The Silver clay ones look much better in the flesh, I used tiger tail to hang them from, so they became floating necklaces

I have just started a silver smithing course in the evenings, which I am thoroughly enjoying. I am 3 weeks into making my first "real" silver ring, from a sheet of sterling silver. I managed to hold off for a whole two weeks before feeling the need to buy all the tools and gadgets for silversmithing, but suddenly found myself online. I will post the silver ring once it is complete, I am hoping to finish the setting the stone this week. The ring is complete and the bezel that I am setting the stone is done - all by hand from a sheet of silver - so exciting.
Well all my tools turned up, and some sheets of silver as well, so it would have been rude not to have a play. The pendant to the left I have started, and was cut,bent and shaped out of a sheet of silver. I am not sure it is finished as yet, i'll wear it this week and see how I feel, and then decide if I want to add more. I have a zillion and one ideas of where i want to go with this, just need to find the time to finish ones started, let alone start any new projects.