Monday, 8 December 2008

So who brought christmas forward.............

I am sure i have missed a couple of months this year, or someone has taken them away or someone has deffo moved Christmas forward at least two months, as it really can't be Dec again!!!!!!!!!!!!. I have been really busy with work. We do have some really exciting news for YCJ but shhhhh for now - well I could be bribed with a huge bit of chocolate cake ;0). I have also been busy making the Christmas cards which drive me nuts each year - sent the ones overseas in time to catch the last posting, but am now £20 lighter, but don't ask how much it cost for posting the parcels - i keep looking at the receipt and feeling faint!!!

OK so what have I been up to - I made a retirement card, i thought i would play around with some metal and clay - used the cuttlebug folder onto the metal then added the clay birds attached to my fav background of all time - acrylic paint burnt to an inch of its life and then rubbed with metallic rub on's and jobs done

For a friends birthday - well shes not into arty farty tat at all so she is quite difficult to make stuff for as she is quite a fluffy person as well, also she has no end of bits of jewellery so thought i had better do something different. So in the end i went with this diary. It was a a plan brown hard back book diary that was inked to death and a few stamps, then windows cut out and ladies stamped inside for a bit of a girlie thing going on, then used diamond glaze to seal them. Then got my new fav item out premo clay and made a couple of "things" to attach and the bottom one with a written quote which was very appt. Well i took my friend out to dinner and she insisted on taking it with her to open at the restaurant - well she was chuffed to bits with it - but I was even more so when the waitress made the comment that she loved it and wanted to know where she could buy one from i rather blushed lol

Well the last thing I will blog for the mo is a wee clock that I have just hacked together - Its for a male friend to hang in his "man shed" where he mends anything that he has taken to bits. He had admired all my metal bits and bobs and showed an interest (or pretended too) - so i thought as he is quite difficult to buy something for I thought he may like something in metal

Well I had planned in just having a stand alone metal clock - but decided that even with the idea i had of building up layers that it would not be heavy enough, so in the end I decided to cover a piece of hardboard about A4 and a half in metal completely. Of course i used every ten second studio item that i had and then some more stuff, basically went to town on it. I then used the timmie inks and some paints using the peasant paint from lins shop which really makes a difference to the paint sticking. Then heated it, added some utee and also diamond glaze and finally some crackle glaze. Well if he doesn't like it I'll take some beer as back up lol

P.S I haven't forgotton about "can you guess what it is yet" project, well its just that it has taken a wee back seat for the mo - should be finished in the next two weeks ;0) but it is looking pretty good at the moment