Friday, 11 April 2008

Made for Ally Pally show tomorrow - "Wizards Room"

Ok so a day early sneak preview of the card i have made to enter the competition at Ally Pally tomorrow, have great fun making this, took ages as made mainly one armed!!! The image to the left shows the card closed with its copper handle to open to reveal whats inside

I used my new ten second studio texture template to emboss some copper for the outside, then aged it with acrylic paints - it is a great texture plate but serious hard work doing it left handed!! when i am right handed, but well worth it i thought. I added a 'slider card' to the back to make a bit of interest to open as well as opening the card itself. The inside is made of two layers of foam board stuck together, then niches cut out, all covered in aluminium and then aged again with acrylic paints. Clay leg in glass vial added along with owls head, clock, lizard and thermometer. Added a bit more copper to the inside.

***Update... they cancelled the competition as apparantly they had a 'ringer' going to enter ROFL ***