Thursday, 7 February 2008

Charms for a swap - Zettiology legs captuted

these are some charms that i have made for an altered art charm swap I have joined in America, they all have silver hangers/rings on so they can be hung from a chain or attached to something else. I need to make some more but I seem to be a bit stuck on zettiology at the moment hahaha, so need to think a bit harder and do something else, the second and third one in fact are the same bottle just showing the front and back of whats captured in the bottle. I seem to be drawn to glass at the moment, not sure what that says about me - answers on a postcard please......mmmmm wonder if you could make a glass jar postcard ROFL

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

'Captured Beauty'

OK so here's my jar so far. Made a female clay body on a pedestal a couple of weeks back covered in some paper I made with txt on, and thought I would put her in a jar - this was where the idea grew from really. Made some clay dangles and added other silver dangles to the outside. Next step is to make more 'dangles' and hang on the inside so they float around the body. Also to fill the bottom of the jar with some more tat from here and there