Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Ok as promised, but my bro is gona kill me.....

My photography is getting worse by the day, I can take photos of anything other than stuff that I need to do and is important. I should be soooooooooo ashamed as by brother is one awesome professional photographer - so will kill me to see the crap photo's I am taking, even with the help of a thousand clicks from photoshop nothing is saving me at the moment hey ho!!!!!!

Right as promised the necklace that I have redone - well the chain really. I made the silver heart a couple of weeks back using my Art clay, cork clay and kiln. I then put this onto a choker cable necklace, wore it for a couple of days and really did not like it. So decided that I needed to change the chain, and this is what i came up with.

I threaded 3 chains, two with silver beads, and one with silver and glass no 15's and then weaved them through the beads, and have to say I really like it now so that's the main thing. Interestingly two people I didn't know today commented on my necklace saying it was really unusual and one was a bloke who reckons his girlfriend would love it, so that's cool.

Way back in my ramblings I posted the Paverpol project that I started - the tin foil man. Well he has a name now - David and he has progressed, and I suppose he is Angel David as he has grown wings - sadly the photos really are totally crap and it really really does look better in the flesh as they say.

I have covered him with materials soaked in the Paverpol, sadly what I found out was that the "Bronze" Paverpol doesnt go Bronze unless it is on black material, but hey you live and learn. The wings were made from a bit of a Eureka moment. Anyways I hope you like him so far. I think he still needs a bit of tweaking but will get there. This has given me other ideas of what I want to do next with some canvases so as they say watch this space.... or not ;0).