Friday, 6 June 2008

Round Robin Part Two

OK so I thought I had finished the front page of my round robin and would be sending it off, BUT OHHHHHH NO diseaster - I can't use that one now and someone knows why hahaha - all I can say is it must mean that great minds think alike, and that mine was not my backside bit mmmm you will have to think what that means.

So after deciding that I couldnt use the last one that I made (currently reached -0.06p on ebay) I had to rake my little creative brain cells to try and come up with something new and that I would like and so this is it, and I am NOT going to make another one I seriously have used my creative brain cell quota for June up.

Its 3mm grey mountboard again, this time I have cut out 3 windows and used acrylic squares to make windows and stamped them. I have placed some words and some shapie thingies I cut out of thin card on the board. Next I have covered the whole thing in thin ducting sheet metal and "debossed", then distressed with my metal tools and painted with metal paints added the words and the girl on the small board piece's, edged around the windows with silver, large copper rivets that i had to ink silver and thats it FINISHED ;0).

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

My Round Robin

OK so its about time I posted something new - I was told off for being lazy and not posting anything new in ages, sadly work has got in the way again, but I finally manage to spend some time on my front page of my Round Robin.

I have made it with my all time and always used 3mm grey mountboard. I find its one of the most versatile products. It really can take a hammering, and seeings as I had an idea of what I had wanted to create and then as I always seem to do totally change direction and I changed it totally, the mountboard can take yet another coat of paint and ink - it may start off 3mm but I am sure most of the time it ends up being 4 or 5mm by the end

Ok so in theory the front page of the book now travels around to everyone in the group and its is meant to represent the theme that I would like people to follow. Well me being me I personally don't think I want to set a theme ;0), only because well ermmmmmmmm because I am awkward hahaha - I would love people to create something of themselves that I am adding to a book I own - if that makes sense. All I BEG is that they MUST NOT use any peel offs or devils dandruff PLEASE hahaha. Also I have decorated the back of the page - again so unlike me to be different ;0). The middle of the page does open with a small peep hole - but I took the piccy of the back of the page before I had totally finished the project - give peeps a bit of a surprize. Really looking forward to starting to make the pages and see everyones work in the flesh.