Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Wall Hanging

Heres something maybe slightly different. I made this a couple of weeks ago, but firstly I couldn't decide if in fact I liked it enough to hang this on the wall, but more importantly how to hang it and lastly where to hang it!!!. So looks like I finally decided that I did like it enough not to bin it, and have hung it under a picture in our bedroom, and in fact it looks pretty good if I don't say so myself.
I have made them all from 3mm grey mountboard. Each one is a different style in the images that i have used and also different in sizes.
It was mentioned to me that it looks like the houses of Amsterdam. Heres a few close up shots.
I have used some crackle glaze on some of the houses, also some fibres for texture. Some of the roofs were plain card but I sanded them up to give the effect of a roof tile. Inks and acrylic painst were used also. The whole item was then covered in craft PVA to allow me to wipe it down if I ever by chance ever do any sort of dusting - which is a highly unlikely event ever to take place, but who knows maybe my cleaner may want to give it a clean !!!!!!!!!

I am thinking along the lines that this would make an unusual swap, where by each participant would make maybe 4 houses, they keep one but send three in for a swap back, possibly one tall and thin one, one small and one medium house, I think it may be very interesting and something different to do.

I will have to have a think about sorting this as a swap, and may have to make some templates for the houses so each person makes the correct size. But firstly need to find out if anyone else has any interest in making these as I may find that I am the only one that in fact likes these!!!!!!!!!!!!