Tuesday, 5 January 2010


and so to 2010 and what it will bring. I am sure more learning and creativity which is always good. As for 2009 which I am so pleased is now been and gone I have learnt to listen more to my inner self as sadly the people who are “a wolf in sheep clothing” can be dishonest and sadly spiteful, but hey its people like that as they say “what goes around comes around”. And so in 2010 I am going to spend more time with real friends not the fair weather ones that pass by and take what they want and not contribute anything.
In 2010 I intend on drawing up a grand master plan, prepare the ground work, have a backup plan and be ready to deal with the problems as they arise, which I am sure some will come along, failing all that just have some fun and create lots.
Life is for living, loving, learning and sharing with the ones that matter, so hopefully I will at least get some of that done, and oh yeah take my nephews to see Mickey in Orlando…well its me that wants to go really ;0)…..so good luck to all in 2010 and have some fun it can’t all be work work work.