Sunday, 17 February 2008

Finally getting somewhere I think!!!!

well I seem to have found a little inspiration now whether that relates to anything decent being produced is another thing. I am in an altered art charm swap in the States so wanted to make the remaining charms, which I have to say I really do like the end results, bit of lateral thinking involved in the making, nothing was harmed in the making of these items ROFL.
The first on the left is a belt buckle with bits and bobs attached, the next one along is watch parts with bits and bobs, the third is believe it or not a picture hook with again bits and bobs ?artistically hung ;0), the last in the row is the one I am most pleased with the result, I brought a batch of tiny padlocks, so decided to hang various useless bits and bobs from the hasp then lock it, and then with the key still in I squeezed a lot of superglue in the top lock to keep it from unlocking. You can use the key to hang it from. Phewie now need to pack them up and post of, now off to create some atcs' that I am behind on (yes Mrs Perfect they are for your swap!!! UKNOW WHO)


Trudy said...

god these are fatastic....clever you


Nicks said...

they are more awesome in real life!

smellihelli said...

cool! i like the padlock 1 the best me thinks!

Fuchsia said...

Theres loads of inspiration on here Heidi I don't know where to start .
wonderful Work !

My name is CINDY...... said...

I like these thay are very unusual. Fantastic!