Sunday, 28 December 2008

I think it's finished

Ok so i started this a couple of weeks ago, and christmas present making and other bits and piece's got in the way, but i finally managed to spend the day finishing it - or is it??????, the trouble is i think the middle is lacking something. I have taken it to bits about ten times, i have also used some material that i had this idea of drapping it around the head and crown, but it just was not working. The fairy at the botton looks pants but looks much better in real life - my photography is really pants, also what doesnt really show up is the paper/image in the middle behind the metal mesh.... oh well will think on, may add to it may not i'll see what happens... anyways lots of stamped images into premo clay and lots of tat added, used my fabby zetti stamps

Now i am moving onto my next wee little project for my Tat wall gallery!!! - its a wooden box quite large its 16"by16", and boy am i going to have fun doing this and filling it with tat. I have made a start on the doors already the other week, and so have only about half to finish which I hope to do in the next coule of days. I think this will be an ongoing WIP to fill each section inside - maybe i could get peeps to do a swap with me and I will put there tat in each section!!!!!!!!mmm need a plan


Minx said...

Not that my tat is anything compared with yours but i'd happerly swap with you any day :O)

DF - Heidi said...

your tats worth swapping with minx you have some great stuff - shout me if you interested in doing a swap for a small light weight bit of ole tat