Friday, 21 March 2008

and another one....

- made a brooch as a wee thankyou
for someone and its now winging its
way there - messing around with some
clear resin, used some watch parts,
key and padlock and other bits
added some metal wings and
brooch pin to the back. Just hope they
like it, if they don't they can always try
and flogg it on ebay LOL.


Trudy said...

fantastic....what sort of clear resin did you use...not tnat know any thing about

Nicks said...

fabulous.... if it ends up on Ebay i'll bid for it!

Sian said...

Another fantastic piece of art. (I think I need some resin).

Clare said...

Love it!!

Anonymous said...

Another beauty CJ

Fuchsia said...

Its Beautiful !

Sarah said...

whoaaaa - this is beautiful!

if it's not too much trouble could you let me know where you got the resin from here in the UK? and was that a Krafty Lady mould you used?

(my email addy is on my blogger profile, sorry to be a pest)