Tuesday, 26 August 2008

so another clay................

Ok so I admit I got so into playing with my clay and I ended up starting another part of a project that I needed to complete. I have painted 3 long canvase's to hang on the wall side by side, and I have hung them waiting to decide if in fact I liked them.
I have now decided that I sort of do like them, but they do look incomplete which I knew they would, and I knew I wanted to add some "junk" and "tat" to them.

Well I have now sort of completed a "face" that i want to add to it. It still needs to be coloured and painted and inked and tinkered with - once it has dried first.
- I also managed to make some moulds for myself of a watch and some keys and a "green man" and boy am I pleased with how they have turned out!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this is what it looks like to start with, it took me a couple of hours to get this stage. I just need to find some more time to complete and also decide what other "tat" I need for the other two canvases.

Also if someone knows where I can get black hearty clay PLEASE tell me as I have run out and just love using black the best, I have tried colouring the clay before I mould it, but it really is not the same and the clay just does not behave in the same way, I NEED TO BUY SOME BLACK HEART CLAY HELP>>>>>>>>>>>>>


joey said...

oooooh heidi i likes this!x

Sian said...

Wow! You've been busy while I've been away. These are all fantastic.

Anonymous said...

oh wow this is uuummm pretty good lol